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Video Editing - The Overview

Video editing, the process of creating the film timeline by connecting each shot with transitions and cuts, is a very technical and creative skill that helps turn ideas into reality. Video editing is done while presenting several advertisements, movies, television shows, etc. Editing requires a lot of patience, practice, and, most importantly, "skill." It is a part of post-production and one of the essential components of filmmaking. Since it could be pretty strenuous, several technologies could be used that assist in this work. The video editing services in Delhi are no less when it comes to providing exceptional and admirable projects. With the operation of these technologies, the editors can strike out or hide the errors .

made during film shooting. Therefore editing can be considered a complete one-end work in filmmaking

Video editing services in Delhi

Efficiently create every kind of Video, including VFX, 4K, HD, and Animation, and provide good content.

What transitional techniques are used in editing?

TheCybertize in-house Video Editors use these transitions to create their works. It is a compelling element that either makes or breaks the project. So these techniques must be anxiously applied to present a top-notch final result.

Basic cut

It is also known as Hard Cut or Standard cut. This technique is used to cut one clip from another, thus making it smooth to edit without any transitions. The only disadvantage of this kind of cut is that it gives the least visual meaning to a clip.

J cut

It is one of the primary types of transitions. It is referred to as J-cut because the cut refers to the shape of a "J" within an editing timeline. In this technique, the audio from the following scene overlaps the picture from the preceding. Thereby, the audience hears the audio from the next scene while still seeing the scene preceding it or before it. This edit is commonly used in dialogues, flashbacks, or memory of a particular character in the background. It is also called an Audio lead or Audio Advance.

L Cut

This is the other primary type of transition. It is frequently used in narration. In an L- Cut, the audio from the preceding scene continues in the following location even though it doesn't match the Video.

Cut – In

Also referred to as "insert shots," this technique highlights the detailed or close-up shot of something visible in the main scene while maintaining the continuity of the stage.

Jump Cut

There's another way too. This involves two separate shots with similar shot sizes and composition to create a jump-cut effect. When a jump cut has been applied, a segment in the middle of a shot is removed, splicing the two ends together, making it feel like a shot jumps in time.

Match Cut

This transition is applied to draw a connection between two shots in a less gradual way. It works to merge the first scene with the next. It makes the scene flawless despite the two sets being completely different.

Apart from cuts, other transitions are applied during the post-production process in video editing or film to link one shot with another.

Fade in/out

A fade is a video transition in which the scene turns into a solid color, like black or white. The fade-in effect is usually done at the beginning of a film or Video and fade-out at the end, suggesting a closure.


This technique uses gradual transition and recommends a more extended time between shots or to convey a memory.

Whip Pan

A whip pan is also referred to as a "swish pan." It is a great editing technique for energetic transition. In this technique, the horizontal camera rotation is done quickly, which results in a blurry image. It is used mid-scene as scene transitions to sustain momentum from the previous scene.


Wipe is a process that uses lines and shapes to wipe the frame in a specific direction, like up, down, left, right, or diagonal, to switch between shots.


The passing transition is displayed by a moving character change or moving to the next scene.

Video Editing Services in Delhi NCR

Sometimes, the Camera moves past the object to blend the scenes smoothly. It is often used to conceal the cut in a scene.

Smash cut

This technique highlights a dramatic distinction. It is usually a short and abrupt cut that uses high contrasts in audio and visual. These are some of the necessary elements of editing. Like other agencies across the nation, the video editing services in Delhi prioritize these procedures required to produce excellent outcomes.

Stages involved in editing a video.

Prepare a storyboard.

Put all the clips in order so that it visually forecasts what the final edit will look like.


The sounds and the visuals start combining the usable footage.

Create a rough cut

Please look at the whole Video and try to figure out the unnecessary scenes and omit them..

Put together the fine cut

By analyzing every scene. Things should be added and deducted minutely based on a smaller scale this time.

The final cut

The final cut is where things are locked down. Finalize the transitions, effects, and graphics, and decide what the audience will see.

Colour Grading

For artistic purposes, enhance or change the motion picture's mood by adjusting the footage's color

Technologies Used in Editing

Non-Linear Editor (NLE) used for Post Production Services in Delhi NCR

Adobe Premier Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a standard & widely used editing software by professional video editors. TheCybertize's in-house Video Editors also use Premier Pro for Short Film & Movie Editing Services.

Final Cut Pro

They were developed by Macromedia Inc, a potent editing tool used to Edit Film sequences for movies and Videos of any length. Feature Films, TV Commercials, & Web Shows are currently being edited by TheCybertize's Professional Video Editors in Delhi.

Avid Media Composer

Vigorously used to achieve Hollywood-level outputs for your film project, Short Film, Large Format Films, Music Videos & many more... Many brands use Ad Film Making services in Delhi to boost their sales. Many brands use Ad Film Making services in Delhi to boost their sales

Many brands are using Ad Film Making service in Delhi to boost their sales.


Below are some of the latest projects created by Team Cybertize Media —

Cybertize Media Also Produces Short Animation Ad Film videos. Frame by Frame Images is created for character animation. Animation ads are the most excellent way to describe your product, business category, or brand. Animation And filmmaking in Delhi are provided at cheap rates by Cybertize media

Scripted Content

Catering a script generates high user engagement, portraying your services and products, increasing sales leads, and popularizing your brand.

Targeted Audience

Social media today is a great tool to grow your business and get potential reach. We have target sets that deliver your content only to people who need your service.

Cinematic Essence

Video Content with great Cinematic essence that binds viewers with your brand's video story. A drone with a 4k Camera is used to create Motion Graphic Content.

How can Cybertize Media help you to grow your business?

Scripting, Shooting, Editing, VFX, Voiceover, Cinematic color correction & BGM Cybertize Media creates stunning 4k video content for your brand. Using the produced Video Cybertize Media will help you gain reach over a geographically targeted area using keywords related to your brand, products, and services.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Does Cybertize Media Provide Scripting?

Yes, Cybertize Media Provides Scripting according to your brand and products

2.What is the length of the Ad film that Cybertize Media Produces?

Ad Films Created in Delhi are duration 20s, 30s, 40s, 1 Minute, 2Minute. (Video Duration is decided according to the demand.)

3. How much is the Pricing?

Pricing is flexible according to your demands. Demands such as video duration, Video resolution, Camera Requirement, etc

4. What Language will be used for filming the Ad Film?

Mainly Hindi & English language is used for voiceover and scripting. But Language can be changed according to the targeted audience.

5. Do Cybertize Media Re-Edits in case of unsatisfaction or changes given by clients?

Yes, Cybertize Media Re-Edits to meet the client's requirements. These are sometimes chargeable. Charges are discussed accordingly. *Conditions apply.

5. Do Cybertize Media Creates Animated Ad Film Videos?

Yes, Cybertize Media Creates Animated Video Ads. Cybertize Media has Animation Experts on the Team.

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