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Cybertize Media Productions Pvt. Ltd. stands out as one of the Best Documentary Film Makers & Companies in Delhi NCR. A documentary film is not a new concept; it has been evolving for quite some time. Essentially, documentary films blend documents and commentaries, focusing on events, individuals, or issues. They incorporate factual records and general or critical opinions about these subjects. Precisely defined, documentary films are non-fictional and aim to reflect reality and history, making them valuable educational tools. They are often instructive, specific, and engaging. Documentaries can take various forms, including interviews, real-time event coverage, archival footage, animation, or innovative styles.

What is a Documentary Film?

Creating an original and well-articulated documentary film requires significant effort, research, and knowledge about the specific subject matter. To produce a high-quality documentary, filmmakers should follow several essential steps:

  1. Authenticity and Transparency: Filmmakers must remain truthful to their audience, ensuring transparency and avoiding any potential misinterpretation.

The first official documentary, or non-fiction narrative film, is Robert Flaherty's "Nanook of the North" (1922), which provides an ethnographic portrayal of the challenging lives of Canadian Inuit Eskimos in the Arctic. Flaherty is often regarded as the "Father of Documentary Film." Meanwhile, the first recorded Indian documentary is a short film by Harishchandra Sakharam Bhatwadekar, capturing wrestlers Pundalik Dada and Krishna Navi at Hanging Garden, Bombay, in 1888.

Choosing a Proper Idea - Best Documentary Film Makers & Companies in Delhi NCR

To create a compelling documentary film, it is crucial to find solid concepts or ideas. These can include exploring a fascinating personality, a significant incident, an unforgettable moment, or a renowned monument. Here are some essential themes to consider:

  1. Historical Figures: Document the life and impact of a prominent figure whose contributions have shaped history.
  2. Landmark Events: Examine an event that has left a lasting mark on society, providing insights and perspectives.
  3. Cultural Heritage: Highlight the significance of a monument or cultural site, exploring its history and relevance.
  4. Unforgettable Moments: Capture moments that have resonated deeply with people, conveying their emotional and historical significance.

Making an Original and Well-Articulated Documentary - Documentary Film Makers & Companies in Delhi NCR

Creating an original and well-articulated documentary film requires tremendous labour, research, and knowledge about the particular subject. Here are some essential steps to produce a high-quality documentary:

  1. Decent Research: In the pre-production phase, thorough research is critical. This can be approached in two ways:
    • Reference Materials: Gather information from the internet, books, OTT platforms, and other documentaries, ensuring originality in the script and avoiding plagiarism.
    • Interviews: Conduct interviews with scholars or witnesses of the event, capturing their perspectives and opinions. These firsthand accounts are invaluable as they often contain details not available elsewhere.

By combining these research methods, filmmakers can ensure a comprehensive and authentic portrayal of their subject, laying the foundation for a powerful documentary.  

First Draft Script - Best Documentary Film Makers & Companies in Delhi NCR

A first draft script is essential for making documentary films, unlike other films, which start shooting only after a complete or final draft. The introduction, anchor speeches, voiceovers, and other key points need to be noted. It is necessary to keep three things in mind while preparing the first draft: the film's protagonist, the goal or message to be conveyed to the audience, and the story structure. The documentary should be informative yet engaging, avoiding boredom. Adding pictures, graphics, and animation can make it captivating and compelling. Scenes can be presented as docudramas, expressed in a way that enhances their visual appeal.

Production Plan

A well-organized production plan includes a list of equipment, gear, essential crew, scriptwriter, and travel plans to avoid any trouble during shooting.

Start Shooting

Shooting can be done in two ways: A Role and B Role. A Role includes direct filming of interviews and anchor segments. B Role involves editing and inserting elements that enhance the documentary's aesthetic. Finding intriguing personalities with a charismatic presence can add to the film's appeal.

Appropriate Location

Location and background are crucial in documentary filmmaking. Interviews can be filmed against a black, unfocused, or dark background to keep the focus on the subject. Other scenes should have a clear and vivid presentation.

Make the Source Comfortable

Ensuring the comfort of the subject is essential to avoid nervousness, which can disrupt the process. It’s not always necessary for them to look at the camera lens; they can look at the director or interviewer instead.

Keep Lighting Natural

As Louis Kahn once said, "A room is not a room without natural light." This principle applies to documentary filming, making the content look more natural and realistic.

Skilled Shots and Natural Sounds

Variety in shots, angles, and movement is important. Using tools like a gimbal can help record smooth, natural motion. Attention to sound is crucial; it should be natural and unobstructed by unnecessary noise, especially during interviews or on-location recording.

Final Script as per Footages

The final script is prepared from all the B Role footage, mixed with voiceovers, and edited skillfully. Adding copyright-free background music can provide a soothing tone, with twists and turns to keep the documentary exciting and avoid jump cuts. Filmmakers should ensure the authenticity of the script and address legal and copyright issues before finalizing.


Documentary films disseminate information and educate the masses while entertaining them. They aim to raise awareness, encourage participation, defend or critique perspectives, observe real life, and highlight great personalities. By dealing with accurate facts, documentary filmmakers often strive to inspire societal change and bring stories to life.

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