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Types of animation videos that help your brand boost sales

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In 2023, the demand for animation videos has skyrocketed as businesses have realized their potential in boosting sales. With a plethora of animation styles available, brands are now on the hunt for the most effective and engaging ones. So, what are the latest animation trends that businesses are using to stand out in the crowded market? Let’s dive in to find out!

14 types of animation videos for brands in 2023

The most common kind of animation videos are as follows, however which one will be most effective depends on your industry or advertising requirements.  

1. Traditional Animation: Also known as hand-drawn animation, this is the oldest form of animation, which involves drawing each frame by hand.

Figure: Traditional Animator (Pinterest)

2. 2D Animation: This type of animation is very popular as it is budget-friendly. It involves creating characters and backgrounds in two dimensions, and moving them across the screen.

3. 3D Animation: 3D animation, which may be an expensive affair, involves creating characters and environments in a three-dimensional space using specialized software.

4. Stop-Motion Animation: This involves taking photographs of objects or characters in different positions, and then playing them in sequence to create the illusion of movement.

5. Motion Graphics: This type of animation involves using graphic design elements, such as text, images, and shapes, to create moving visual content.

6. Whiteboard Animation: This involves drawing on a whiteboard, while a camera records the process, which is then sped up and animated to create a video.

Whiteboard Animation (T2COnline)

Figure: Whiteboard Animation (T2COnline)

7. Typography Animation: This involves animating text, such as headlines, titles, and quotes, to make them more visually interesting and engaging.

8. Puppet Animation: This type of animation involves using puppets or marionettes to create the illusion of movement. 

9. Claymation: Similar to stop-motion animation, this type involves creating characters and objects out of clay and then photographing them in different positions. 

Figure: Claymation Animation (Reel Rundown)

10. Animated Explainer Videos: These videos may be either long or short, they explain a concept or product in a simple, engaging way without the need of a real Vlogger.

11. Anime: This refers to a style of animation that originated in Japan, characterized by colorful graphics, vibrant characters, and fantastical storylines.

12. Augmented Reality Animation: This involves using augmented reality (AR) technology to create interactive, animated experiences that appear to be happening in the real world.

13. Virtual Reality Animation: Similar to augmented reality, this entails creating animated experiences in a fully immersive, 3D virtual world.

Virtual Reality Animation 3D virtual world

Figure: VR Animation (Dice)

14. Rotoscoping: This involves tracing over live-action footage to create animated sequences with a realistic, lifelike feel.

How to use animation videos for business in 2023?

Animation videos are one of the most creative ways of storytelling these days and can be used for different purposes such as advertising, brand promotion, education, entertainment, etc. It is no surprise that some successful marketing campaigns have utilized animated videos effectively. 

If you are still wondering why animated videos are important, you should know that over 60 percent of buyers were more likely to buy an animated video or product after watching an explainer video about it, according to Wyzowl statistics.

An interesting case could be CocaCola’s “Share a Cokecampaign where every coke bottle had first names on them. As the company stated, there was no intention to boost sales initially. 

However, consumers started sharing pictures online on how they shared it together with friends and families whose name matched those printed on bottles, thus making people feel good and warm inside during hard workdays. Sales eventually shot through the roof thanks to this word-of-mouth phenomenon!

So, if you want to advertise a company or a brand, animation films or videos might be a game changer. However, the issue is how to employ animation in 2023 to achieve the best results or increase sales.

Shubham, the co-founder and head animator at Cybertize, one of the top animation agencies in Delhi NCR, claims that characters are essential to crafting tales, conveying messages, and engaging audiences in contemporary animation. Character designs must be up-to-date while still distinguishing out in the face of abandoned-heightened competition.

5 tips for animation videos for embolden characters and get ahead of competition

  • Embrace simplicity and minimalism as everybody loves them
  • Pay good attention to color palettes to negate false colors and augment views
  • Develop relatable personalities and back-story to relate to the target audience
  • Mix and match influences that come from diverse environment like history, culture, fashion, etc.
  • Experiment with unusual shapes, silhouettes, and proportions

FAQs | Animation Videos Quick Guide

Q: Why should I use animation videos?

  1. Animated videos can help explain complex things easier by making it simple, memorable and funny at times.
  2. Animation videos can showcase features/benefits visually rather than just having textual content.
  3. Good marketers can help create animations which make it seem as though viewers could benefit emotionally or psychologically if they purchased certain products. 
  4. Animation videos can increase retention and recall, as they can use visual and auditory cues to reinforce the main message and make it memorable.
  5. Animation videos can enhance branding and identity, as they can use consistent elements, such as logos, fonts, colors, and voiceovers, to create a unique and recognizable style.
  6. Animation videos can boost conversions and sales, as they can use clear calls to action, testimonials, or social proof to persuade viewers to take the desired action.

Q: Which animation videos are good for real estate and hospitality business?

If you want to increase sales for your real estate company, utilize 3D animation to emphasize neighborhoods, show off properties, or use animated virtual tours, explainer videos, or testimonial videos.

Q: How much does it cost to get a good animated video?

There is no straightforward answer to it because it mostly depends on how long the video is. To give you a rough figure, a one-minute, high-quality animation film that isn’t an explainer or has 3D characters may only cost you Rs. 25,000 and up.

Q: How to find the best video animation agency near me?

The best way is to use Google and search query like “video agency near me” or “animation agency near me”. Avoid the substandard ones at all costs because they are typically managed by beginners and novices and may result in animations of poor quality.

Since its inception, Cybertize has been wowing clients across a range of industries, from ecommerce to real estate to education and fashion. Our cutting-edge animations have led to impressive boosts in revenue and sales for our clients, making us the go-to choice for businesses looking to take their animation ambitions to the next level. 

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