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How animated videos can boost your business?

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The prevailing consensus is that most viewers prefer intriguing films, animated videos, and are uninterested in traditional and dull video advertisements. Boring advertisements are quickly forgotten after a few hours or days; however, fascinating animated videos generate a lot of buzz. For advertisers, this implies that using 2D and 3D animation to produce animated films that resonate with your audience is a significant possibility.

Because videos feature graphic elements in the form of video as well as oral information, they make it simpler to relate products and brands. Consumers’ average attention span is fewer than 9 seconds, according to Adage, a leading advertising and marketing firm. That means that as an advertiser, you have less than 9 or 10 seconds to capture the attention of your target audience. As a result, most marketing professionals and advertising agencies are increasingly embracing animated videos to boost their business revenue. It’s not just because they are cheap to make, but they also appeal to consumer perception.

In this feature, you will learn how animated videos can boost your business.

The rising cases of animated videos in the business world

Animated films are the future of advertising, or more precisely, the future of content marketing, which is helping to grow brands all over the world. The realm of animated videos is brimming with intriguing concepts – concepts that can help your company become a multimillion-dollar brand. You will be overwhelmed if you check for animated video statistics on Google. More and more brands are relying on animation and graphics-heavy content to make an impression on their audience.

  1. Animated videos account for 33 percent of videos on the internet, just behind live videos.
  2. A well-made whiteboard animation can provide a 68 percent higher return on investment than Google Ads.
  3. Approximately 70 percent of marketing experts believe that explainer videos can influence product and service trust and perception.
  4. 90 percent of online shoppers believe that videos helped them make decisions while buying things on the internet.

These figures clearly demonstrate the importance of videos, and if you’re a marketer, you may infer the same for animated videos. Animated videos became renowned thanks to Vodafone’s ZooZoo advertisement, which featured balloon-bodied toons playing various themes to promote Vodafone’s value-added services during the Indian Premier League. Following the success of the Vodafone campaign, most companies started their own way of advertising with animation and other 2D/3D graphics, eventually giving rise to animated videos in the business.

How animated videos can boost your business?

Advertisers and corporations frequently employ animated videos to create a narrative. The considerable thoughtfulness of the material is one of the obvious reasons why the animated video strategy is beneficial. People will be less likely to engage if animation is lacking in your advertising. As a result, businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on animation to make their products and services appealing to the audience.

Importance of animated videos in business

1. Animation contributes to SEO

The inclusion of a spectacular animation in your business promotion indicates that it is of excellent caliber. Additionally, including animated videos helps search engines to know that your website and promotions are rich with excellent media content. You can help search engines speed up the SEO process and rank your website by using animated videos. This is due to the fact that customers are more inclined to make decisions during advertising if they are animated.

2. Animation boosts conversion rates

Conversions are increased when videos are used on webpages or in promotional advertisements, according to research. When it relates to audience engagement and entertainment value, animated videos outperform other genres of media. Marketers believe that an animated video is a great form of advertising that increases client involvement while also providing amusement in the process. It aids in the formation of a strong brand reputation by eliciting the desired feelings and connections in the viewer. This implies that these videos have a phenomenal conversion rate.

3. Animation for storytelling

It is an obvious fact that stories are remembered for a long time, and when it is animated, they will be more ingrained into memory for a longer time. Experts feel that animation is a more sensitive and less aggressive discipline, in which even the tiniest aspects may be fine-tuned at any period to achieve that the correct story is told to the viewer in an interesting format. Rather than replicating an event in real action, animation allows for more meaning to be communicated.

4. Animation raises brand recognition

Animated videos aid in the awareness of your brand. The graphical material communicating directly to the potential audience, which is intimately linked to brand identification, is one of the most crucial parts of a successful animated video. Customers enjoy visualizing themselves utilizing the things they wish to purchase.

5. Animated video plays into customer’s memory

Caricature drawings or cartoon-based events in animated videos are more amusing than feature-length videos, and when done correctly, they may help your business and brand stand out. This also means that these videos are remembered for a long time, allowing your products and services to remain in the minds of customers for a longer period of time. Isn’t that fantastic for your company?

6. Animated videos are cheaper

Traditional video advertising may be highly costly for businesses. They include costly hardware, the cost of setting up a facility, and even people and other specialists. Additionally, the cost will increase if you are making more such videos. In the case of, the cost is ridiculously reduced. This is due to the fact that there are hundreds of free and paid software available on the internet that offer pre-animated themes for brands. You can only hire a graphic designer to play with those in-built elements and make playful animation for your business. The cost of location and ads personnel is also eliminated in animated videos. 

Bottom Line

Animated videos are here to stay in the digital marketing world for a long time. Not only are they interesting to watch that plays into customers’ minds but also due to the fact that they are the least inexpensive when compared to conventional video ads. If you’re seeking ways to advertise your web business, consider animated videos, which are bound to boost your business.