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7 Reasons | Why your company needs a Corporate Video?

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The use of corporate product videos and corporate training videos has increased dramatically. As a result of the increased consumption of video content and the emergence of high-speed data communication. Businesses feel that these videos encourage employees, strengthen their motivation, and increase their capacity to help them with their marketing strategies. This article will teach you the importance of corporate videos and how major companies use them to attract viewers.

Importance of Corporate Videos in 2023

A video is one of the best material that may quickly connect with your audience. They are extremely demanding at this time owing to the availability of sound and motion pictures and the ability to visualize spectacular occurrences using computer-generated imagery or CGI.

People worldwide are sharing, re-sharing, and watching videos as data usage continues to rise. Videos play a significant role in day-to-day activities in corporations, especially in the marketing segment. Corporate trainers and leaders are becoming more dependent on corporate videos, such as corporate motivational videos, product training using creative corporate videos, corporate milestone videos, etc.

As one of Delhi’s leading corporate video makers, we work with various startups and corporate giants. It is noteworthy to see how much importance these companies’ leaders place on video production and content.

One of our clients claimed that they utilize some of the best animated corporate videos to educate and train their employees, many of whom are from rural areas and find animated videos more productive.

In a nutshell, corporate videos are highly important because of the following seven reasons.

7 reasons why corporate videos are important

Because we grew up with spectacular movies, sci-fi games, and videos, something fantastic usually comes to mind when we talk about videos. Video automatically elicits excitement and leaves a lasting impression. 

Similar things occur with corporate videos that can be used to the benefit of the firm, whether for employee training, product demonstration, creative corporate video, IT company corporate video, etc.

Incredibly, 66% of consumers have watched video content to learn more about a company or its services/products. 

This figure is steadily increasing, and if you own a brand, startup, or established business. You know how simple it is to use corporate videos to improve the working environment for your employees or to build your brand’s reputation through video broadcasting, YouTube marketing, Facebook Video Ads, and so on.

Find out why corporate videos are so important in 2022 in the following list of seven reasons.

1. Corporate videos or movies can boost sales and traffic through increased engagement.

Visually appealing corporate videos can quickly get engagement, whether used for employee training or corporate video presentations. After seeing a spectacular video presentation, your clients will give you better business or your employees will be inspired to exceed their limits or learn new things.

According to corporate video makers in Delhi, corporate video production considers various approaches to attract, keep, and interact with their target audience to generate more leads or sales.

Another video editor at our organization asserts that as e-commerce solutions become more popular worldwide, including in India, highly creative video advertising uniquely attracts people to your website rapidly and generates more customers.

The leading emerging startups in India that are using video marketing or video ads to increase their followers/subscribers/traffic/sales are as below – 

  • Cred
  • Swiggy
  • Dream 11
  • Bewakoof.
  • Ather Energy
  • UpGrad

2. Entertaining videos produced for business purposes or brand promotion can be recalled for a long time, leaving a lasting impression.

a. Do you recall the classic Nirma detergent powder advertisements from the 1990s featuring a little girl making a big impact on kids? 

b. Do you recollect the Lizzat Papad bunny puppet video advertisements that ran during prime time television during the same timeframe?

c. Do you remember the famed Vodafone ZooZoo commercials that caused a sensation during the IPL? 

You still feel good about them, don’t you? Eventually, remembering becomes second nature if you notice certain interesting and entertaining commercial videos that are broadcast on a daily basis. In other words, the message of these endearing videos quickly sticks in your mind, and the audience becomes attached to the brand as a result. Amazing and entertaining corporate brand promotion videos can easily boost brand reputation.

Similarly, engaging and innovative videos are more likely to bring tactical benefits for both internal company communication and employee training. 

For instance, private companies in India frequently use chalkboard/whiteboard animation videos and extremely educational documentary videos with a great and authoritative voice for corporate communication, B2B communication, and even employee training.

Top companies using creative corporate videos to empower employees and others in India and abroad are as follows –

  • Udemy
  • Byju’s
  • Kaltura
  • Motioncue
  • Intellipaat

Reach the best corporate video production company in India with Cybertize for making powerful videos that will easily connect to the audience.

3. Videos can be edited, recreated, and repeatedly used, reducing the need for additional human efforts.

Human labour is too expensive for businesses and organizations focused on making a profit. They always attempt to cut extra expenses to increase their sales and profit. It is beneficial since extra money may be used to fund new activities.

Videos have a significant impact on reducing human effort. 

Imagine you run an educational centre in Delhi where students learn video production, filmmaking, and video editing. To instruct and explain this situation to your candidates or students, you must hire a highly qualified trainer, but doing so will cost money due to the trainer’s salary. Assuming several trainers and their salaries, your expense increases. 

Here, it is simple to deploy self-learning or pre-recorded training films to do away with the requirement for additional human resources. 

Videos and documentary series-style videos can be used by businesses that deal with employees or corporate training to provide an exceptional viewing experience for audiences.

The best part is that you can quickly modify your existing films or any internal communication and training videos and create new ones to remain relevant to the latest corporate video trends. You can then reuse or repeatedly use the same videos for different purposes. 

4. Videos can be reused, shared, reshared, and continuously marketed through multiple platforms and video marketing/media networks, enhancing reach and number of views.

We previously touched on it briefly in the first section and the point above. However, in this case, we are discussing reach and views. 

One of the most genuine reasons to leverage videos for business and corporate communication is that they can be shared on most social networking platforms and other useful websites, Just like text and images. When the content is intriguing and worth watching, it is shared and reshared in good numbers.

The main thing is that you greatly increase your reach by sharing, reposting/spreading, and sharing again. Or, your shared and reshared videos also receive more views.

There have been numerous instances where businesses have benefited greatly from training their employees using stunning training videos like animated, dramatic, or docu-style videos.

In many of these instances, it was also observed that employees who got inspired by these amazing videos were also responsible for inspiring other employees or their team members who missed watching them, and this resulted in increased motivation and confidence among employees.

Check out the video below to see how Dr Vivek Bindra motivates his audience and explains basic concepts. Since it was posted on YouTube in 2018, this video has earned over 64k likes and is almost at 1 million views. It was widely shared by viewers and indicated by many views and likes.

Employees को Motivated रखने के 10 अचूक उपाय | Dr Vivek Bindra – YouTube

If you still need to figure out why corporate videos are important or why corporate video makers rule the digital world, the image below may be of assistance.

5. Corporate business videos can evoke emotion, which the majority of viewers often like and love

It is a common notion that consumers are more loyal and sympathetic to a company when emotionally invested in it. With corporate business promotion videos, you can present the genuine narrative that led to the creation and growth of your company, trimmed or reconstructed with dramatic emotional scenes.

If you have been operating a business for years, the only way to tell the full story of your business and its success story, including all the activities, thoughts and feelings, and situations you’ve had over the years, is through video.

6. Companies in India successfully use emotional advertisements about family, happiness, and prosperity during the majority of festival times to win customers over to their products and services. These videos also include attractive offers and persuasive CTA components to encourage audience participation, clicks, and purchases. Videos produced for corporate communication, employee learning and development or training, and brand strategy make it very simple to showcase business accomplishments and other complex operations.

Videos are generally regarded as the finest alternative for all corporate and commercial activities since they are widely accessible and may be created to convey particular messages to particular audiences.

Videos effectively demonstrate your business’s performance, forecasts, capabilities, and other important vitals. It would take enormous text information to adequately demonstrate corporate achievements through the years. Still, with videos, you can combine all the specific events and add pertinent graphics and sound to make it a spectacle. In other words, Corporate video presentations or training videos offer a fantastic platform to display the many honours the organization has received.

Video content is used by all major businesses throughout the world to highlight their successes and capabilities and is transmitted or displayed to different investors and stakeholders, and even for employee management and training.

Due to our vast experience over the years. We could be a perfect choice whether you’re seeking the best corporate video production in Delhi or want to create a corporate testimonial video. Many brands in India appreciate and value our expertise with corporate testimonials, awards, accomplishments, and corporate milestone videos.

7. In addition to serving training and educational purposes, creative videos may assist organizations and business leaders to better understand customer preferences and moods thanks to video analytics.

Videos are unquestionably an excellent choice for learning, development, training, and education. Now that we’re talking about creative and engaging videos. There’s always the possibility of receiving a large number of views and likes. Since companies can now leverage video analytics and performance outcomes following the posting of their videos on social media or other video-uploading platforms. This is especially advantageous for business owners and startup entrepreneurs.

Analytics from user interactions and video publication/distribution can provide you with a wealth of information about your customers and your prospects of success. The market for video analytics has grown to such a size that individuals are now being paid enormous sums only to thoroughly examine the analytics and evaluate business or economic performance.

Most e-commerce businesses use a variety of awesome creative and interactive videos they broadcast online to draw viewers and track analytics for future enhancement.

Businesses, video and content marketers, and other startups employ short movies or reels to make an impression. Hospitality and EdTech companies share a large number of YouTube videos in order to attract viewers and increase the effectiveness of their brands.

What should your corporate videos contain?

According to the most recent corporate video trends. Due to the increase in corporate video production for businesses and corporate video production companies. There is a competitive scenario now that makes corporate movie production more accessible and affordable.

Common things included in your corporate videos are as follows –

  1. Latest products and services available and their USP
  2. Customer experience journey
  3. Company’s detailed history, milestones, and CSR activities
  4. Employee capability and key personnel behind the company’s success
  5. Fund-raising and PR events
  6. Showing complex business operations or any technical aspects
  7. Eco-friendly measures deployed by the company to help the environment

Reach out to our highly experienced corporate video production house team in Delhi to get more details. We provide the best animated corporate videos for business entertainment, educational and motivational purposes.


In summary, you can deploy a wide number of video content like creative corporate videos, IT company corporate videos, animated corporate videos, interactive corporate product videos, corporate training videos, etc.

Contact our experienced video production team or a corporate video company like Cybertize Media right away. If you’re looking for the best corporate video, look no further. Leveraging videos as a renewed digital marketing strategy can greatly benefit your business and corporate affairs.