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10 Pro Tips for Video Marketing for your company/brand

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Most businesses worldwide are constantly looking for the best tips and strategies to use in their video ad campaigns. Truth is, there may be thousands of pro and out-of-the-box tips from various video marketing professionals, but the following 10 pro tips for video marketing will undoubtedly thrill you for a long time.


Video marketing stats that will blow your mind | Company/Brand Promotion

So, before we jump right into the pro tips, many of you may wonder why video marketing for businesses or brands is even necessary. 

Here are some video marketing statistics that demonstrate how video marketing continues to live up to the hype and how, as the digital sphere develops or matures, the role of videos in conventional marketing cannot be dismissed.

  • Over 85 percent of businesses worldwide use video content as part of their digital marketing strategy.
  • Over 65 percent of marketers say that video marketing has helped them increase sales.
  • Indian video streaming platform Hotstar was listed among the top five platforms driving internet traffic across APAC regions.
  • Mobile video penetration reached 90 percent in urban areas as compared to only 47 percent in rural regions in India as per a 2021 report by KPMG.
  • Over 60 percent say video marketing also helped reduce support requests and costs.
  • Businesses are currently creating more live videos than pre-recorded ones.
  • Most marketers believe that adding captions or subtitles in videos can help increase views by over 70 percent.
  • It is widely accepted that more than three out of five consumers prefer content in a video format rather than plain text.

Yes indeed, it would be foolish not to employ video marketing techniques for any sort of endeavor that requires public exposure. It is no coincidence that some of the world’s largest companies and emerging startup businesses have invested much into this field, with stunning results. 

Moreover, with so many people using social media platforms which feature heavy integration with video services like YouTube, there really couldn’t be a better time.

Find the best pro tips for video promotion and marketing in the following section to take your company or brand to the next level. 


10 Pro Tips for video marketing for your company/brand

Video marketing is an exceptionally powerful strategy for building your brand and engaging your audience. It is used worldwide. 

If you want to make killer video content or video ads that grab attention in India, you have got more options than a chaat stall has chutneys. 

Think spicy storytelling, outrageous desi slangs, eye-popping visuals, and cultural masala to add some desi hype. Get creative and you will be raking in the views faster than a street vendor selling garam samosas.

Here are 10 expert or pro pointers to remember so that you can maximize the effectiveness of your video marketing initiatives.

1. Keep the message simple and concise 

Indians value clear and straightforward communication. Keep the messaging brief and avoid using overly technical terms or jargon. 

For example, a laundry detergent ad can simply state that it cleans clothes well rather than using complex chemical terminology. The ad would be more effective and resonate with viewers, as it is easy to understand.

2. Use local lingo and expressions 

To better connect with the audience, use familiar language or dialects, and incorporate cultural references. There are so many cool things you can do given the fact that it is India, a vast country with a diverse linguistic and cultural profile. 

For instance, a snack ad could feature a popular local celebrity enjoying the snack while saying a popular catchphrase from a regional film. The ad would be more relatable and appealing, leading to better engagement.

3. Optimize for mobile viewership 

With India having over 500 million smartphone users, it is vital to ensure that content is mobile-friendly. This can include optimizing content for smaller screens, shorter load times, and easy navigation. Failure to do so can lead to viewers losing interest quickly or even leaving the site.

4. Utilize storytelling techniques 

Effective storytelling is a powerful tool for engaging the audience. Use narratives that resonate with the audience and convey brand values. 

For example, an insurance ad could feature a person’s life journey and how the insurance policy helped them during tough times. Such ads can be more impactful and memorable, leading to a lasting connection with the audience.

5. Highlight brand authenticity

Demonstrating authenticity is critical for building trust with the audience. This is a naked truth and most leaders and CEOs work hard to improve brand authenticity. 

For instance, a social media post from a brand could feature the team behind the brand, showcasing their dedication and passion. This can help create a positive brand image, leading to better engagement and loyalty.

6. Showcase real-life scenarios 

Showcasing everyday situations that the target audience can relate to can help create a sense of familiarity and connection. 

For example, a children’s educational site, or more precisely, a parenting blog could feature real-life stories of parents and their children, discussing common challenges and tips for tackling them. Such content can be more engaging and effective in resonating with the audience.

7. Leverage regional influencers 

Partnering with local celebrities or personalities can help amplify reach and credibility, particularly in regional markets. 

Take this as an example. A makeup brand or hair salon in Delhi or Bengaluru could collaborate with a popular regional actress for a campaign, leading to more effective brand promotion in that region.

8. Embrace humor and wit

Humor can be an effective tool for creating a memorable experience. Indians love humor and you can add raw desi humor to make things big in your videos. 

For instance, a soft drink ad could feature a humorous skit showcasing how the drink is a refreshing escape from a hectic day. Such ads can be more shareable, leading to better engagement and reach.

9. Don’t underestimate the power of emotions 

Creating content that evokes strong emotions can be a powerful way to connect with the audience. 

For example, an ad for a charitable organization or NGO could feature the story of a person helped by the organization, showcasing the impact they have made. Such ads can portray powerful narration, which can lead to greater support and donations.

10. Measure performance rigorously 

Continuously analyzing metrics and adjusting strategies can help optimize content and ensure maximum impact. 

Analyzing engagement rates on social media posts can help identify the most effective content and refine future strategies. This can lead to better performance and greater returns on investment.

Final Say

To boost your video marketing efforts and drive results to your company/brand, apply these ten proven pro tips and track your marketing progress with consistent analysis. 

Want to make a difference today with video marketing? Connect to Cybertize Media and get the most for your startup or company or brand.