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Whiteboard Animation Video

Have you ever tried using a whiteboard animation explainer video in your video marketing strategy? Not yet? After going through this article, we are sure that you will understand how ignoring the whiteboard animation video is a huge mistake.

Recent studies show how the market for animated videos is booming. In 2021, 86% of businesses have used videos for marketing purposes as compared to 16% in the year 2016. Every year, the popularity of videos keeps growing just as the importance of introducing videos in your marketing strategy is rising. Now we know that videos are an effective tool but how exactly should they look to bring in better results? We will explain how whiteboard animation videos are one of the ideal ways of presenting complex concepts to the viewers in a convenient manner.

What is a Whiteboard animation video?

Whiteboard and animated explainers have been in the market for a long time. They were the first such videos that appeared long ago and included well-known illustrated hand-drawn videos. However, with technological advancements, the functions of whiteboard animations have changed. Today, companies are using such videos for informational, educational, and explainer goals.

As the name suggests, whiteboard animation videos include animated videos with the elements of illustration and 2D graphics. They are a type of explainer video that brings text, character, and drawings to digital life expressed on a digital canvas with the only aim to grab the viewer’s consideration.

In whiteboard animation, viewers are able to watch how the story develops as the scene keeps changing. A voice-over is used to make the narration complete.

It is a straightforward yet engaging concept that keeps the watchers hooked to the screen from start till the end. It helps the clients to understand the complicated concepts in an intriguing manner which also saves a lot of time by explaining the concepts within a few minutes.

It is a kind of hypnotic factor as the images or words unfold in front of your eyes explaining the entire concept easily and conveniently. The message is conveyed to the viewers in the most convincing manner. This is what makes whiteboard animation video an incredible tool to promote a business’s brand online.

Reasons to use whiteboard animation videos

What is your brand? Brand After understanding its purpose, you cannot help without using this concept for your business. Sometimes, words are not enough to explain complex things hence; whiteboard animation videos are the perfect way to explain complex things in a simple form. They are also great when you need to make something small more prominent and significant. Whiteboard animation videos are a perfect medium to draw the attention of users to tiny details that you want to convey.

whiteboard animation video Production Company in Delhi NCR

You will be able to provide your customers with a creative solution to the problem. The process of fixing the problem can be demonstrated and conveyed through whiteboard animated videos. In a whiteboard animation video, one idea is taken that is made into the key message of the entire video. This makes the user more focused on what you want to convey and it gets easier to convert the user into a lead.

Benefits of whiteboard animation video

  • They are memorable and can be retained than a talking head video.
  • They are versatile and suitable for any topic right from educational videos to marketing content.
  • They are easy to create, unlike live video content that needs expensive instruments and proper experience.
  • They hold the attention of the viewers due to the combination of sound, movement, and animated visual, which appeals to viewers’ senses.
  • Last but not the least; they are fun as it is seen to be an entertaining factor rather than work.

Final Say

So, it is high time to fuse the concept of whiteboard animation video into your everyday timetable to create a different viewing experience for your potential clients.


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Whiteboard Animation Video Company In Delhi NCR

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Whiteboard Animation Video Company In Delhi NCR

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Whiteboard Animation Video Company In Delhi NCR

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